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As a company, we provide retail investors with access to financial professionals and a trading platform that allows them to manage their trades easily. At Cambridge Commodities, we have over 50 global analysts who research and observe international efforts to ensure that we have the most up-to-date and reliable information for decisive action in executing trades for our clients.

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Our Goal

It is to be one of the world's leading traders of metals, minerals, crude oil, and more. As we prioritize safety and efficiency in all our assets, we always seek to minimize the environmental impact without compromising quality assurance and performance for our business and customers.

What We Do

Has been pioneering in trading options contracts since 2010.

Why Us

We market to a broad base of customers, in the industrial and private sectors.

Our Markets

Supply the essential commodities to the society.

Our Cornerstone

We aim to maintain long-term commercial relationships with our customers, highlighting our values, reputation, and market knowledge, with efficiency and security.

Metals & Minerals

We market metals and minerals such as gold and silver.


We turn crude oil into gasoline to run our cars, trucks, planes, and ships.

Our Markets

We supply the commodities that the world needs.


Is one of the most popular commodities for day trading along with gold, silver, and soybeans.


In the same way, natural gas runs our power plants and provide electricity.


With more than 2,250 million cups of coffee consumed daily, coffee beans constitute one of the most traded raw materials in the world.


Gold is one of the most traded commodities in the world.

Industry Focus

The company’s total trading volumes surpass $5 million per month.


Silver is also a very rare precious metal, though it is not as rare as gold.

Gold it is also one of the most challenging because of its use in various industries and as a store of wealth.

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Gold Metals

Coffee is derived from a plant that grows in more than 50 countries, all with tropical and subtropical climates. Brazil is the main supplier, contributing around 35% of the coffee produced worldwide. The other big producers would be Vietnam and Colombia.

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Coffee Grains

Oil is the world’s main source of energy, meaning there are constant news and events related to the commodity, with politics being a major factor in oil’s market performance.

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Oil Energy

Why Us

We serve a broad client base in the industrial and private sectors. We are based in Europe, which is globally recognized as one of the best places to incorporate companies in the world due to secure privacy protection and substantial bank capitalizations.

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